Kevin - Vocals
Home town:
Aylesbury, Bucks
Music, golf

Frontman and vocalist Kev was a relatively late starter to the world of performing music, and began his singing career at the age of 33, after being inspired to audition for a band by the release of Sing by Scottish Band, Travis. Applying cold to an advert placed in Loot, he got the job and his first band, known as Pavanis was born. 

The band never made it to the stage and a couple of bands later, he made his first live performance in 2003 for a rock covers band called Overflow.

His next band was a breakaway covers band named Wired, formed early in 2004 in which he is also still performing alongside Heathrow Jets, joining them early in 2009.

Kev's main influence for aspiring to become a lead performer was the troubled but charismatic Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

His main musical influences at a young age were rock bands Queen, Meatloaf, Asia, Toto as well as Bruce Springsteen and later on Brit Rock bands Oasis and Blur, and also indie bands Travis and The Stereophonics. Coming from a large family, music was always playing in the background so a regular sprinkling of The Police, The Clash, Dire Straits, The Cars, Level 42, Sex Pistols, Prince and even Motown classics, meant that a rich diverse musical background knowledge was embedded in his memory.

Kev once had clarinet lessons at school, though he now confesses he could hardly play a note, particularly as he still can't read music. He remembers being 'promoted' to the school orchestra and, as he couldn't play, had to wing it and 'hum' the notes through the instrument and pretend he was actually playing! He claims that his 'musical ear' was passed down from his father who was an accomplished pianist and organ player.
Main influences:
Jim Morrison, Anthony Kiedis, Sting, Robbie Williams
Lead vocals & occasional tambourine
2 vocal folds (more commonly known as vocal chords)
Shure SM58